The Best Car Commercials (2000-2010)

Don’t deny your love for old car commercials. They serve as perfect vehicles to drive you through Nostalgia Lane, past Reminiscence Road, and right back into the driveway that is your memory. See if you can remember any of these car commercials from the 2000s!

2000 – Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Like a mix between a cheesy Roland Emmerich film and a Warner Bros. cartoon, this Chevy commercial for the now-defunct Monte Carlo brings back memories. Our used Chevy dealers in Kansas City loved the Monte Carlo—its nickname was “C Money”—and this ad brought some tears to our eyes. Rest in peace, buddy.

2001 – Oldsmobile

Who wants to go to a pixelated rave? Oldsmobile does! Having aged for nearly two decades, this old car commercial will leave you dancing like it’s 2001. We still don’t know what the ad is selling, but we can’t help but laugh over those sweet, sweet grooves.

2002 – Subaru Outback

Crikey! This old Subaru commercial for the Outback, set in the outback, is a nostalgic treat. Paul Hogan reprises his role as Crocodile Dundee, Australia’s national treasure, in this 30-second clip, and if the new Outback was good enough for the original crocodile hunter, a used Subaru Outback is good enough for us.

2003 – Nissan Micra

The David Lynch-directed Micra commercial from France is certainly odd, but that’s par for the course for the film auteur who brought us critically acclaimed darlings like “Twin Peaks” and “Mulholland Drive.” Although the Micra wasn’t sold here in the U.S., our Kansas City Nissan dealerships would have loved to have them. Ah, c’est la vie.

2004 – Ford GT

Dropped right onto Thunderhill Raceway in California, the 2004 Ford GT explored every gear through every left turn in this Ford commercial. It was the first glimpse at the marvelous new GT, and viewers got to sit behind its wheel for a go ‘round the track.

2005 – Toyota Corolla

Our Kansas City Toyota dealership knows how much people love their Corolla, but as Meatloaf alluded to, there are some things you shouldn’t do for love. This Toyota commercial is a perfect example of that.

2006 – Chrysler Pacifica

It’s never too early to embrace the soccer-mom van! In fact, this Chrysler car commercial embraced that image even before the Pacifica became the Town and Country minivan America has come to adore. It seated up to six passengers and their buns in the oven—what more could you ask for?

2007 – Chevy Silverado

The style, features, and engines may be different, but the 2007 Silverado and 1972 Cheyenne share a common trait: they’re both Chevrolet. And you don’t mess with Chevy when it comes to trucks, as the Silverado 1500 has remained one of the most dependable pickups on the road today.

2008 – Audi R8

We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse: watch this old Audi commercial, then tell us you don’t want to travel back in time and buy a new R8. Although time travel doesn’t exist, it’s still possible to buy a pre-owned Audi—with or (likely) without a cannoli.

2009 – Hyundai Genesis

Thanks to this commercial, which featured music by Billy Corgan, the Hyundai Genesis became a force to be reckoned with in the luxury sports car segment. It had the style, speed, and sheer power needed to take on the track. Unfortunately, the Genesis was discontinued in 2016, but you can still find used Hyundai Genesis cars for sale across the country.

2010 – Buick Cars

A car may look beautiful, but if it doesn’t offer anything but good looks, it’s a shell of a vehicle. Buick emphasized this point by melding beauty with purpose in its lineup of 2010 models like the Lacrosse, Regal, and Enclave—all of which are still going strong in 2018.

Did we miss a commercial from the ‘00s? Let us know in the comments, through social media, or by speaking with your local Kansas City McCarthy dealer. We can discuss your favorite ads or talk shop—your choice. Contact any of our car dealerships near Kansas City today! We have dealership locations throughout the Kansas and Missouri areas of Olathe, Blue Springs, Sedalia, Lee’s Summit, Marshall, and Overland Park.


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