5 Futuristic Automotive Tech Advances Coming Sooner Than You Think

Self-driving cars are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for futurists. But while many automakers are prioritizing the development of accessible self-driving vehicles by as early as 2019, there’s still a good deal of work to be done before autonomous cars become additions to every American household.

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Kansas City Auto Show: A Spectacular Event for All Ages

Scheduled to run from February 28 to March 4, The Kansas City Auto Show showcases the latest in automotive innovation and styling. You’ll learn about new features for electric cars and preview developing technology options that are being added to new vehicles. You can browse popular models, including those from Hyundai, GM, Toyota, and Nissan. And there’s a whole lot of family fun, food trucks, and beverages to splurge on.

So, head to the Bartle Hall Convention Center at the end of February for any (all) of these great reasons.

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5 Essential Car Care Tips for New Owners in 2018 (and Beyond)

Just as with any machine or appliance, when it comes to cars, the care you put in matters. In order for your car to last more than a few years, you have to do more than fill the gas tank and pray it hits 100,000 miles without issue. Unfortunately, proper car maintenance does cost money—check out some of our auto service coupons in Kansas City to save cash—but it’s a small price to pay to avoid even costlier repairs down the line.

We’ve come up with five vital car care tips that don’t break the bank and, if done regularly, could keep your vehicle going well past that 100k milestone. Continue reading “5 Essential Car Care Tips for New Owners in 2018 (and Beyond)”

2 All-New Vehicles Poised to Dominate in 2018

If 2018 is the year in which you upgrade to a new vehicle, you’re in luck because two of the industry’s biggest names — Toyota and Chevrolet — are shaking up the playing field with a couple of fully redesigned mainstays that promise to blow the competition away. Curious? Just wait till you read about these soon-to-be best sellers!

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Must-Have Items for Any Winter Car Emergency Kit

As winter approaches and days get shorter, it’s time to start preparing for the cold. As you probably already know, Kansas City winters can be brutal, and while many people focus on winter-proofing their homes, they often forget to prepare their cars. This can lead to dangerous situations if you happen to get stuck on the side of the road.

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Upcoming 2017 Fall Family Events near Kansas City

The summer season has come to a close and the changing weather is paving the way for a very eventful fall and winter here in KC. This new season brings a change of food and an abundance of holidays that are always a good excuse to take a family vacation. Here are several exciting Kansas City events for you to check out for 2017!

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Photo: faulknersranch.com

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The Safest Cars & SUVs of 2017: IIHS Top Safety Pick Winners

Staying safe on the road can’t be taken for granted. But aside from being a responsible driver, what can be done to ensure you’re protected? Check out the following IIHS Top Safety Pick-winning cars and SUVs for sale at our Kansas City car dealers, and you’ll be ready for any bump on the road or lane-swerving car that crosses your path.

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2017 Toyota Highlander – Photo: Toyota.com

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Previewing the Kansas City Chiefs’ 2017-18 Season

After winning an astonishing 12 games last season, the Kansas City Chiefs are right on the cusp of pro football’s elite. But with a renewed Raiders squad sitting near the top of their division, as well as potentially resurgent teams in the Chargers and Broncos not far behind, our hometown heroes are going to have an arduous road to the playoffs. Still, win or lose, our Kansas City auto dealership is proud to cheer on our hometown team. Here’s what you can expect from the Chiefs this 2017-2018 football season.

Photo: chiefs.com

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The 5 Best New Vehicles for Your Next Road Trip

We all have our personal preferences when it comes to vehicles, but for those planning a road trip, fuel efficiency sits at the top of the list. Still, a vehicle’s ability to sip gas isn’t all that makes it worthy of your attention. Here are five of the best new models you should check out before you leave for a vacation this summer.

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2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid – Photo: hyundaiusa.com

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Should I Buy a New or Used Car?

For those who’ve already decided on a used or new car, choosing the perfect vehicle might take mere minutes. For the majority of people who are still uncertain if a new car or used car is best, it may take a bit longer. At McCarthy Auto Group, we’re here to make your choice a little easier. Take a look at our overview below to see the benefits of both new and used cars, and be sure to stop into one of our car dealerships near Kansas City to discuss your options with an expert.

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