Cool Car Accessories That Make Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts

Old kid’s toys, crumbs, and clutter of all kinds – is this what your busy mom’s car looks like? If it is, then she could really use one or more of these car accessory gifts for Mother’s Day! 

Keeping Mom Hydrated

Does your mom need coffee to get her through her morning commute? Or maybe she needs plenty of ice cold water to keep her hydrated for the trip home or while she’s running errands. If so, she’ll appreciate an extra-large insulated cup that’s designed to fit in her car’s cup holder. This special travel mug features a slender base that will work with nearly any vehicle, even older models. Don’t leave home without it.

Make Her Commute More Comfortable

A plush cover can keep that annoying yet essential seat belt from rubbing on your mom’s shoulder and neck. We like this cushy memory foam version because of their absorbency, as well as this luxuriously soft Merino sheepskin seat belt cover.

Give Mom a Whole Year of Nice Smells

No more stale coffee, wet dog, stinky gym clothes, or last week’s lunch! With a PURGGO Car Air Freshener aboard, your mom’s car will always smell as fresh as she does. These stylish bags of 100% bamboo charcoal fit around the seat headrest and absorb odors for a full year. These work just as hard as Mom.

Peace of Mind, Dashcam Edition

A dash camera can do more than prove who was at fault in an accident. Some models can even monitor your mom’s car while it’s parked; if someone carelessly dings or dents the car in a parking lot, that dash camera can catch the guilty party red-handed, so to speak. Give Mom the peace of mind of a dash cam this Mother’s Day!

Style & Organization

An inexpensive tote can become a stylish car organizer with the help of some fabric, rope, glue, and a little loving labor from you. Considering using epoxy rather than hot glue for a car tote, as hot glue won’t ‘stick’ through the frequent (and often dramatic) temperature changes that occur here in Kansas City.

Not the crafty type? Don’t worry – there are tons of OEM car organizers and accessories that can be purchased as Mother’s Day gifts. Speak with your local car dealership’s parts department for advice.

Track Auto Maintenance Records & Receipts 

The next time your mom is waiting in line at the school pick-up lane, she can quickly schedule an oil change or tire rotation thanks to your thoughtfulness in providing her with a car care binder. With separate categories for car insurance papers, vehicle registration, receipts, and maintenance logs, this binder will give her everything she needs.

Make sure you include a place for her trusted auto service center or mechanic’s phone number, along with room for coupons for her favorite car wash. (Including a gift certificate for a full detailing service will make this Mother’s Day gift even more special!) 

Choosing Mom’s Ideal Car Accessories

If you’re looking for quality accessories for your mom’s car on Mother’s Day, you may want to consider original equipment manufacturer (OEM) car parts for a sure fit and quality build. The right OEM accessories can make her car look almost new again!

For Kansas City shoppers, our dealerships offer an extensive selection of OEM parts and accessories for a range of popular makes, including models from GMC, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Buick, and Chevrolet. Find your nearest McCarthy Auto Group dealership location for contact information or to order parts online.

Time for Mom to Upgrade?

If part of the messiness problem stems from the age and outdated style of Mom’s current car, maybe it’s time to encourage her to update to a newer SUV or minivan. With a nicer and more functional crossover, even the busiest of moms will gain some free time to spare. Offering to do the research can remove another burden from your busy mom’s life, and it may be just the nudge she needs to make the switch. (Trust us, she’ll thank you for your efforts in finding her new ‘mom-mobile’.)

To start your search for the perfect new SUV for Mother’s Day, browse our selection of new vehicles for sale in Kansas City. We have hundreds of quality SUVs, crossovers, vans, and cars for sale, and you’ll find our Kansas City dealerships have amazing Mother’s Day specials on used SUVs, too! We invite you to contact your closest McCarthy dealer to schedule a test drive before May 12.


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