Best New Vehicles for Every Uber & Lyft Ride Option

Uber and Lyft drivers can’t simply drive any old jalopy to their job – not unless they really enjoy getting 1-star ratings. No, they need reliable, affordable, fuel-efficient, late-model vehicles. Essentially, rideshare drivers need the very best to get the most tips.  

Uber Lyft Cars Kansas City Dealer

So, which cars and SUVs are best for Lyft and Uber drivers? Review our list of recommendations, separated by each rideshare mode or service, below. (And if you need assistance picking the right vehicle in Kansas City, be sure to contact your nearest McCarthy dealership.)

Hyundai IONIQ: Lyft Economy & UberX

Returning a best-in-class MPG of 57 city/59 highway, the new Hyundai IONIQ is as good as it gets for rideshare drivers; with the IONIQ, you can drive up to 690 miles before needing to refuel. Available in three trims (Blue, SEL, Limited) and with a price tag starting at around $21,000, the IONIQ is also one of the most affordable hybrid cars in America.

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Search Shop Save: Thousands Of Reasons To Buy A New Car At McCarthy

Springtime air got you in the mood for a new SUV or car? You’re not alone. Once those Midwest temperatures rise, our Kansas City car dealers begin seeing an uptick in customers walking through our showroom and used car lots. To assist all these warm-weather shoppers, we’re proud to announce the start of our new “Search Shop Save” program.

But what is this miraculous opportunity? If you’re looking for a new car in Kansas City, “Search Shop Save” offers thousands of reasons to choose one of our Kansas City dealerships.

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Is 2019 The Year Electric Cars Take Off In America?

With 4,313 miles separating Norway from our Kansas City car dealerships, it’s safe to assume many things are different between us. What may come as a surprise is this little nugget of truth: the tiny country of Norway – whose population rounds out to be 5.3 million – has more electric vehicles on the road than the entirety of America! Roughly 31% of all vehicles sold and registered in Norway last year were EVs; when you factor in hybrid cars, that number hits nearly 50%. Wow.

So, what’s the deal? After selling over 360,000 zero-emission vehicles last year, America is on track to catch up to the Norwegians — and 2019 might be the year where EVs, alternative-fuel vehicles, and PHEVs kick into high gear. Here are some of the upcoming technologies and new electric cars that should be on your radar in 2019.

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2019 Detroit Auto Show Rumors: What’s Debuting At NAIAS?

The NAIAS may be moving to June in 2020, but the magical car show will remain a January event for at least one more year. Here’s what gossipers are saying will debut at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show (and hopefully our Kansas City dealerships in the near future). 

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11 Best 2018 Vehicles For Winter

Winters here in Kansas are often brutal. We may see ice, rain, and snow all in the same week. (Of course, it all comes with biting, bitter cold and frequent gusty winds.) Unfortunately, the world does not stop for inclement weather. You need a vehicle that will keep you and your family safe and warm, no matter the road conditions or outside temperatures.

Here are the 11 best vehicles of 2018 and 2019 for winter. We divided our list into our favorite “winter” cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs based on safety, handling, comfort, and value.

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2019’s Most Anticipated Redesigned Cars, SUVs & Trucks

As Kansas City car dealers, we can’t go through a day without wondering what’s on the automotive horizon. From the latest sedans and trucks to the newest technology, anytime updates are made, our ears perk up. Now halfway into 2018, we’re getting closer to seeing what the future holds. Here’s a list of the most anticipated redesigned vehicles of 2019, all of which will be available for sale and lease at our Kansas City dealerships in the coming months. Check them out!

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The 5 Best 2018 Vehicles for Dad this Father’s Day

In April, we sent our love to mothers all over the country by creating a list of the best mom-friendly car features available. This month, with Father’s Day just around the bend, we wanted to celebrate dads in much the same way – with the five best 2018 cars, trucks, and SUVs to buy for your favorite papas, padres, and fathers.

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5 Useful New-Car Features Mom Will Love on Mother’s Day

Haven’t picked out the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? We won’t scold you for your procrastination; instead, we want you to get Mom the gift she deserves. Take a look at these five mom-friendly features found in some of the country’s most popular new vehicles, all of which are available for sale and lease at our Kansas City car dealerships this May.

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5 Futuristic Automotive Tech Advances Coming Sooner Than You Think

Self-driving cars are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for futurists. But while many automakers are prioritizing the development of accessible self-driving vehicles by as early as 2019, there’s still a good deal of work to be done before autonomous cars become additions to every American household.

In fact, you may be more likely to have one of these five cool car gadgets or pieces of automotive technology in your vehicle before a four-wheeled robot is driving you to work each morning. Continue reading “5 Futuristic Automotive Tech Advances Coming Sooner Than You Think”

2 All-New Vehicles Poised to Dominate in 2018

If 2018 is the year in which you upgrade to a new vehicle, you’re in luck because two of the industry’s biggest names — Toyota and Chevrolet — are shaking up the playing field with a couple of fully redesigned mainstays that promise to blow the competition away. Curious? Just wait till you read about these soon-to-be best sellers!

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