10 Practical Valentine’s Gifts For Car Guys & Gals

Cologne and roses are so 1999. This Valentine’s Day, be a more thoughtful gift-giver by gifting your car-loving boyfriend or girlfriend a practical present that they can take with them on all their journeys. Here are 10 of the best Valentine’s gifts for car lovers, guys and girls.

GentScents Air Freshener Subscription ($8+/month)

What’s the best Valentine’s gift for a car guy? How about a modernized way to freshen up the cabin? GentScents offers monthly subscription boxes of car fresheners in numerous manly scents, including cedar and sandalwood. Best of all, they’re not made of cheap plastic; each GentScent is a wooden plank that’s been soaked in essential oils.

Hail Protector ($239+)

While it may look absurd, a fully inflated Hail Protector system will keep any car away from our Kansas City hail repair shops. Visit www.hailprotector.com for pricing and details.

Cordless Car Tire Inflator ($100)

Tire pressure changes as temperatures fluctuate, which may cause those pesky TPMS dashboard warnings to go off during the winter. Nip low PSI in the bud by giving your beau a DEWALT cordless tire inflator this Valentine’s Day.

SiriusXM® Subscription ($20.99/month)

Give the gift of commercial-free music, news, stand-up comedy, Howard Stern, and even live NASCAR coverage with the All Access SiriusXM streaming package. How can you go wrong with 150+ channels and streaming video? Check SiriusXM.com to find the right package.

Headlight Restoration Kit ($15)

Old, dingy headlights can be a headache. “Are they even on?!” A Meguiar’s® Headlight Restoration Kit will solve all those problems without the need for a drill or sander. All that’s required is some elbow grease and 15 minutes of spare time.

ODB II Scanner Tool ($70+)

Some car problems require a trip to our service centers near Kansas City. Others can be diagnosed from the comfort of your own garage. If your loved one has an older vehicle, an Autel AutoLink ODB scanner may be the perfect Valentine’s car gift.

Portable Jump Starter ($75+)

Convenience in a trunk: That’s essentially what a portable jump starter or power station is, especially for frequent travelers. Stanley produces several jump starters for cars and trucks; review specs on stanleytools.com to ensure you’re buying the correct product for your guy or gal’s vehicle.

Remote Starter System ($250+)

Nothing beats getting into a warm car amid an early-February freeze. Before Valentine’s Day, secretly install a remote starter in your loved one’s car. You can visit your nearest auto service center for advice, or simply order a car remote starter in Kansas City through your McCarthy dealer.

PINGI Car Dehumidifier ($10+)

Say goodbye to foggy windows! This portable pillow-like PINGI dehumidifier absorbs excess moisture and keeps the cabin fresh and fog-free. The magic is in its innovative calcium-chloride design, which cannot be explained to mere mortals like us.

LifeHammer Emergency Escape Tool ($25+)

Life can leave you in a wicked lurch; LifeHammer is the tool to get out of it. When you’re in a dangerous situation, like being stuck inside a submerging vehicle, this emergency escape tool can be used to cut away seatbelts and shatter windows, allowing occupants to escape to safety. Every car should have one.

Give The Gift Of A New Car In 2019

Of course, should your loved one lack a righteous and reliable ride, the most practical gift for Valentine’s Day may be a whole new car. Luckily for you, our car dealerships near Kansas City have the selection to solve that problem. From all-new 2019 models to certified pre-owned vehicles, our inventory offers more than you could imagine.

Contact your nearest McCarthy car dealership in KS or MO to secure your gift before February 14. Heck, we may even help you put a comically sized pink bow on it! (It wouldn’t hurt to ask….)







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