5 Wise Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Vehicle Clip Art

For many, tax season means the opportunity to spend that long-awaited return on something that’s been at the top of your wish list all year. While there’s certainly no shortage of ways to spend a tax refund, investing it in a vehicle is one of the most practical places you can park that hard-earned cash. Use Uncle Sam’s tax refund on one of these 5 smart options. 

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Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

Winterize your car

The change to cold Kansas City weather is never welcomed, but it is inevitable. As winter rushes in, we all need a little push to get ourselves prepared. Sometimes a simple reminder to get your car ready for the icy season can be more helpful than we realize. So, here’s your annual reminder to get your end-of-year car maintenance done. Check out these tips to ensure you’re taking care of your vehicle before that first snowfall. (You’ll thank us later.)

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Carvana vs. Dealer: Why the Dealership Experience is Better

Buying a car can be a scary proposition for some; but buying a car online, sight unseen, can be much scarier. Is the convenience worth it? We don’t think so. Here are a few reasons why buying a car at a local dealership may be better than going through an online car dealer like Carvana.

Car Delivery
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Black Friday Car Shopping Tips

Black Friday

Dealership Tips for Getting the Best Deals

It may be the official start of the holiday shopping season, but is Black Friday a good time to buy a new vehicle? In fact, Black Friday may actually be the best day to get a great deal on a vehicle—if you can brave the crowded car lot.

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2019’s Tastiest Fall Food Festivals in Kansas City

You’ve already braved the Kansas City summer swelter. Now it’s time to begin your autumn hibernation ritual. So, grab a fork and prep it for a trip to MouthVille! Here are the fall’s 10 best food festivals and events in Kansas City. (You’re welcome, tummies everywhere.)

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Best New Vehicles for Every Uber & Lyft Ride Option

Uber and Lyft drivers can’t simply drive any old jalopy to their job – not unless they really enjoy getting 1-star ratings. No, they need reliable, affordable, fuel-efficient, late-model vehicles. Essentially, rideshare drivers need the very best to get the most tips.  

Uber Lyft Cars Kansas City Dealer

So, which cars and SUVs are best for Lyft and Uber drivers? Review our list of recommendations, separated by each rideshare mode or service, below. (And if you need assistance picking the right vehicle in Kansas City, be sure to contact your nearest McCarthy dealership.)

Hyundai IONIQ: Lyft Economy & UberX

Returning a best-in-class MPG of 57 city/59 highway, the new Hyundai IONIQ is as good as it gets for rideshare drivers; with the IONIQ, you can drive up to 690 miles before needing to refuel. Available in three trims (Blue, SEL, Limited) and with a price tag starting at around $21,000, the IONIQ is also one of the most affordable hybrid cars in America.

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Returning A Leased Car for the First Time? Here’s How It Works

Now that your vehicle lease is expiring, you may be curious about what comes next. Does someone come pick up the car from you? Do you need to hand it over to your dealer? What about turn-in fees? Are you going to have to pay out of pocket for that little coffee stain?

The process to return your leased car is not super complex; oftentimes, turning in your lease is as easy as 1-2-3. Still, your lease-end questions are valid. To help you out, we’ve compiled answers to some of the more common questions our Kansas City car dealers have been asked over the years.

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The 4 Most Anticipated 2020 Pickup Truck Models

People must have gotten the memo that pickups are incredible investments, as truck sales have soared through the roof each of the last 5 years. Led by popular models like the Silverado, Sierra, and Tacoma, the truck segment is certainly flourishing and having its extended 15 minutes of fame. But is it a trend or are these versatile trucks here to stay? With some great 2020 trucks about to be released, we wouldn’t be surprised to see pickup sales continue to climb. Keep an eye out for these 4 new models in the coming months.

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Cool Car Accessories That Make Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts

Old kid’s toys, crumbs, and clutter of all kinds – is this what your busy mom’s car looks like? If it is, then she could really use one or more of these car accessory gifts for Mother’s Day! 

Keeping Mom Hydrated

Does your mom need coffee to get her through her morning commute? Or maybe she needs plenty of ice cold water to keep her hydrated for the trip home or while she’s running errands. If so, she’ll appreciate an extra-large insulated cup that’s designed to fit in her car’s cup holder. This special travel mug features a slender base that will work with nearly any vehicle, even older models. Don’t leave home without it.

Make Her Commute More Comfortable

A plush cover can keep that annoying yet essential seat belt from rubbing on your mom’s shoulder and neck. We like this cushy memory foam version because of their absorbency, as well as this luxuriously soft Merino sheepskin seat belt cover.

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